Who We Are | Kyte Marketing

Urgent Care Marketing From Urgent Care Owners


The Kyte team combines experience in health care marketing (including hospitals, insurance companies, physician networks, medical equipment and software companies) combined with an understanding of the retail needs of an urgent care. We’ve developed proprietary software and systems proven to drive traffic and build a patient base for this unique industry. We know because we own urgent care clinics. We’ve seen what works and what doesn’t. Have questions? Please call or email.


The Kyte Team Difference


We own urgent care clinics

We know what works and what doesn’t so you can avoid pitfalls and misplaced budgets. We understand the challenges of the “retail” urgent care business.

We do what we say

If we say it, we do it. We don’t believe in wasting your time.

We emphasize action

We don’t just point you in the right direction, then depart like many marketing groups. We show you the steps to get to your goals. Or, if you prefer, we can take those actions for you.

We are creative

Kyte Marketing was founded by a team of healthcare marketing experts with agency experience working on hospitals, pharmaceuticals, medical technology, medical software and practices. We’ve executed everything from national television campaigns to local traffic-building programs.

We are experienced

We’ve worked with every size company, on every sized project, over the years – Fortune 1000 companies to local retailers or business-to-business manufacturers. Yet, we treat all of our valued customers as if your business is our most important. After all, we’re only interested in results. Our familiarity with how customers buy as well as competitive and industry best practices is not based on the size of the company but on the actions of your customer.

We are lean

We apply lean manufacturing techniques to our web development process and our on-going marketing. Testing and tweaking before rolling out campaigns. Why spend thousands of dollars developing marketing that doesn’t engage your customer?

We are collaborative

We don’t pretend to know everything. You know your locations, your markets and your patients better than we do. We know how to build engagement. Working together, we can meet your goals and engage your patients.

That being said, we’re only interested in providing unbiased recommendations that can help you create more engaging patient experiences, not “selling” you our services. Many of our clients simply use our team to develop messaging or tools for their sales teams or their traditional ad agency. Some clients prefer to let us do the set up, then execute on their own. We don’t mind. We play well with others.

Best of all, our processes are not “black box.” With scheduling and weekly check-ins, you always know where your project is at any given stage of development.

We are affordable

Tell us your budget and we’ll make it happen.

As an example, we’ve built websites starting at $2,500. You can leverage our experience in customer engagement and heuristic methods to build a simple website that’s more effective than they can get from a web service or freelancer.

For clients seeking the improved sales that come from stronger engagement and its resulting brand loyalty, we apply our experienced health care marketing professionals to drive engagement both online and offline, all for less than the cost of having a single full-time employee.

Of course, this also means we’re not the best group to use as a price check. Because our approach is dramatically different. You’re not paying for a website or a mobile app or SEO. You’re paying for the experience you need to engage your customers and generate sales. If you want an estimate to compare with other estimates, just give us a call and we’ll tell you if you’re getting a good deal. No obligation.

We are cutting edge

Yes, we geek out. We have our moments when we are foaming at the mouth about the latest hardware, software or just ideas. It keeps us fresh. But if we start to speak nerd and you’re not following, feel free to ask us to slow our roll. We may need a hit off our inhaler, but we’ll eventually begin to make sense again.

We attract some of the best talent

Professional? Check. Wicked smart? Check. Located in our offices? Not so much. We attract the best talent because we respect them for their skills, not their location. We present a global team that help you uncover the insights about your customers needed to develop the media-agnostic strategies and tactics to drive true customer engagement.