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Patients are making their own decisions. We’ll show
you how to be there when they do.

Consumer-driven healthcare decisions are more the rule than the exception today. It’s easier than ever for patients to find and research the many options available to them. Are you where they are researching? Once they find you, what are you doing to integrate your services into your patients’ lives.

Since 2006, we have been providing patient attraction strategies and marketing solutions for the healthcare industry including urgent care centers, medical practices, hospitals, healthcare networks, insurance companies, medical technology and software and pharmaceutical companies.

We’ve taken our years of healthcare marketing experience and knowledge of patient behaviors applying these perspectives to the retail nature of the urgent care industry.


  • Strategies and tactics to attract patients and keep them coming back.

  • Know your customers to create experiences your competitors can’t imitate.

  • Steps to launch a new practice or expand an existing practice.

  • Increase community awareness to grow your patient base.

  • Increase referrals from primary care physician rather than competing.

  • Stand out in your marketplace and attract top area talent.

  • Development of a website and mobile apps to attract customers.

  • We know the tactics that work. After all we own urgent care clinics.

  • Leverage your satisfied customers to grow your patient base.