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Our Customer Experience (CX) background.

Your competitors can imitate your products or services, even compete on price, but they cannot imitate your experience.

With 8 years of Customer Experience process development expertise, we understand how to apply CX principles to urgent care clinics and other healthcare companies like insurance, hospitals, hospital networks, physician networks, medical software, medical technology, and imaging groups.

We own urgent care clinics.

We know your challenges because we run our own urgent care group. In fact, that’s how Kyte started, by applying CX principles in the urgent care setting, eventually creating a success model that we now apply to urgent care clinics across the country.

We understand patient behaviors.

Our CX labs have created models so we understand patient behavior online and when selecting an urgent care. We know how they utilize your website, how they find your clinic and how they can help build your brand with you.

Changing their behavior is expensive, so instead we show you how to intersect with their existing behavior to create a company that cannot be imitated by your competitors.

To find out more, please call us at 855-712-1400 or email.

Customer Experience is Customer Service is
A company mindset A department among many departments
Meeting/beating customer
Simply responding to complaints
Making life easier for your customers every
step of their purchase journey
Something that happens after the
customer “leaves”

So why does Customer Experience matter

for your urgent care clinics:

  • ExaminationThe opportunity is enormous. Only 1% of patients say their expectations were always met by their actual experiences. That leaves 99% of the market as potential customers for you.
  • Your competitors are feeding you patients. After enduring a poor experience, 89% of patients say they would immediately take their business to a new urgent care on their next visit. Many more do this without even consciously thinking about it.
  • Save money on marketing. Nothing is more powerful than a satisfied patient. (We’ll show you how to get them talking to others!) Consider that Starbucks built one of the strongest, valuable brands with little to no advertising: Built on the experience of their stores and the engagement of their employees.
  • You can charge more. In return for a great experience, 86% of patients say they’ll pay up to 25% more.
  • You can increase loyalty. In a recent survey, when asked why customers remain loyal to a brand, the top factors were:
    • Friendly employees (73%)
    • Easy access to information and support (55%)
    • Personalized experiences (36%)
  • Revenues will grow. A recent analysis of customer experience leader companies by Watermark Consulting showed a cumulative total return of 22%. Compared to a S&P 500 benchmark that was essentially flat. During the same period a portfolio of customer experience laggards returned a staggering negative 46%.
  • Forrester’s research says that retailers (like an urgent care) can achieve nearly 35% net increase in revenues, but broken down into 15% additional visits from current patients, 11% less churn or patients going to competitors and 8% new patients from recommendations.

Let us show you how to be the first urgent care clinic to implement this lucrative strategy in your market.